The climate crisis and the global supply chain redesign accelerated by the pandemic require immediate action – we need to rapidly deploy sustainable supply chain solutions.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs building the sustainable supply chains of tomorrow.

  • We believe we are at a tipping point in the global supply chain.
  • We believe that digitally driven companies are well positioned to drive the innovations our economy requires to transition to a more sustainable supply chain for the future of global trade and ecommerce.
  • We believe our investments can positively impact the trajectory of our companies while at the same time generate exceptional returns for investors.
  • We believe that startup founders are the change makers, the disruptors, the innovators that have the capacity to change the world. We respect and support these entrepreneurs.
  • We know how tough it is to be a founder, we have been there. Our goal is to leverage our company building experience to empower founders with capital and support. We have a network of supply chain experts and investors that can also help with advice and insights.


Blue Impact Origin

From JetBlue to Azul, blue has been a constant. Together with the critical time for our blue planet, the name Blue Impact is only fitting.